Jack Reilly - Mixed Genre Paintings
Although Jack Reilly is best known for his abstract paintings, he also works across the boundaries of abstract and representational painting with complex shaped canvases that integrate the genres of figurative art and abstraction. These multi-faceted pieces address numerous issues combining modernism and classicism along with historical and social narrative. Recognized by art critics as "quintessentially postmodern," Reilly explores this combination with a unique approach to addressing conceptual and visual aspects of contemporary painting.
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The Love and Myth Series
Reilly's “Love and Myth” series (2017-2018)refutes proliferation of negativity, division, and hatred in our society, through the depiction of representational and abstract beauty coexisting within a shared visual context on a single shaped canvas. Self-consciously sentimental, and a tribute to late nineteenth-century academic painting, the figurative panels are based upon mythologies and folklore that depict aspects of beauty and love in their numerous manifestations. Panels of mixed media, process-based abstraction, are juxtaposed alongside highly rendered the figurative panels.
The Convergence Period

(2002-2006) Eclectic mix of abstraction, representational painting, classical, historical and popular imagery combined with richly textured surfaces, cast bas relief and mosaics, all on a singular-level shaped canvas. These pieces simultaneously comment on a variety of artistic issues ranging from post modernism to aspects of popular culture, politics and the human condition. "Fresh, postmodernist whole is the name of the game," Josef Woodard: Los Angeles Times.
The Endangered Landscape Series
(1991-1992) Idyllic landscapes are a painted on a single layer shaped canvas from a composite of imagery. The naturalistic portion of the painting is contained within in a diamond-shaped format and separated from the outer corners of the canvas by elaborate gilded frames. A close look at the outlying surfaces reveal three-dimensional cast images based on real objects found at the actual location of the painted imagery. As in life, natural objects intertwine with man-made remnants and eventually mix with the earth to become part of the environment.
The Classic Series
(1987-1990) Classical subject matter is combined with geometric shaped-canvas structures. These works incorporated a range of media including oil, acrylic, carved wood and gold leaf on shaped canvases that are piled up to five levels deep. Sections are bolted together and integrated with fragments of gilded frames. In a review for ARTWEEK, Nancy Ann Jones writes: "Through his choice of subject matter, stylistic painting excursions and titles, Reilly has created quintessentially postmodern works" 
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