Jack Reilly - Representational / Mixed Media Paintings
The Classic Series (1988-1990) Classical subject matter is combined with geometric shaped-canvas structures. These works incorporated a range of media including oil, acrylic, carved wood and gold leaf on shaped canvases that are piled up to five levels deep. Sections are bolted together and integrated with fragments of gilded frames. In a review for ARTWEEK, Nancy Ann Jones writes: "Through his choice of subject matter, stylistic painting excursions and titles, Reilly has created quintessentially postmodern works..." 

"Eros and the Girl"
48x22 Inches, Oil, Acrylic, Grout, and Gold Leaf on Shaped Canvas, © 2017

From Reilly's new "Love Series" exhibiting in Los Angeles in March 2018

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Convergence Period (1999-2006) explores an eclectic mix of abstraction, representational painting, classical, historical and popular imagery combined with richly textured surfaces, cast bas relief and mosaics, all on a singular-level shaped canvas. These pieces simultaneously comment on a variety of artistic issues ranging from postmodernism to aspects of popular culture, politics and the human condition. "Fresh, postmodernist whole is the name of the game," Josef Woodard: Los Angeles Times.

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